07.- 08. NOVEMBER 2018


A wide range of digitalization topics at one event



Accelerate, network, explain and actively participate: DIGITAL2018 is different.
An incubator for ideas, a catalyst of complex processes, a platform for exchange. Here, exceptional keynote speakers meet innovators, important industry figures meet political decision-makers, and experienced executives meet promising young talents.

The event is the starting signal for a cross-sector initiative which aims to actively shape digitalization instead of running after it.

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Experience solutions today that will form your future decisively. Be part of this unique digitalization format taking place at Koelnmesse, exhibition hall 8.

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International and national stars, renowned speakers as well as up-and-coming newcomers in the digital industry meet leading figures from the world of politics, associations and business.

On four stages, DIGITAL2018 offers everything you need to become a Digital Champion.


Hagen Rickmann

Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Geschäftsführer Geschäftskunden

Hagen Rickmann has run the Corporate Customers division of Telekom Deutschland GmbH since March 2015.

Having joined the Telekom group in 2009, Rickmann has held various managerial positions in the T-Systems corporate customers unit, initially taking charge of portfolio and innovations management at T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH. In 2011, Rickmann was appointed manager of the Service division of T-Systems International GmbH. And from January 2013 to February 2015, he was responsible for the Sales division at T-Systems. 

Having trained in banking and studied business administration, 49-year-old Hagen Rickmann started his career at business consultancy firm Esche Schümann Commichau. In 2000, he moved to IT service provider Done Project as Chief Financial Officer, and two years later joined EDS as managing director IT, where, as general manager and executive board member, his responsibilities included the Consulting Services division for Northern and Central Europe until 2007. Rickman took charge of the division for Infrastructure Services in Central Europe in 2008.

Hagen Rickmann specialises in digitising SMEs.


Prof. Dr. Miriam Meckel

WirtschaftsWoche, Herausgeberin, Publizistin

Prof. Dr. Miriam Meckel is a publicist and communications scientist. As the publisher of the magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” (Business Week) and director of the Institute for Media and Communication Management at the University of St. Gallen, she is active both in business and as a journalist. She was also politically active in the noughties as Wolfgang Clement’s state secretary for media and government spokeswoman for North-Rhine Westphalia. Miriam Meckel is currently actively supporting and shaping the digital revolution in Europe through numerous initiatives.

In her latest book Mein Kopf gehört mir (“My head is mine”), Miriam Meckel reflects on what happens when even the brain is connected to the Internet, and the social, ethical and economic issues associated with this.


Timotheus Höttges

Deutsche Telekom AG, Vorstandsvorsitzender

Höttges is chief executive of Deutsche Telekom AG. Trained as a business economist, he arrived at the company almost 20 years ago, representing it in various leadership positions until taking over as chief in 2014. For a long time, the manager’s focus has been on the requirements and consequences of the digital transformation. Orienting an international telecommunications service provider towards the requirements of the digital era is a crucial factor for viability and future sustainability, and is something for which Höttges has been very popular to date.


Steve Wozniak

Apple Inc., Co-Founder

Without “The Woz”, computers and digitalisation as we know them today would be unthinkable. Steve Wozniak comes from an engineering family and built his first computer when he was just a child. As co-founder of Apple, together with Steve Jobs, he developed and built the first Apple computer by hand. He has countless trailblazing successes and ground-breaking inventions to his name. Today, the multi-award-winning Wozniak is active as an innovator in many different companies, researches and lectures at numerous universities and, as an inspirational IT pioneer, is a much sought-after keynote speaker worldwide.


Dr. Wladimir Klitschko

KLITSCHKO Ventures GmbH, Gründer

“Dr Steelhammer” was known for many years as one of the best boxers in the world. The many-time heavyweight world champion is a gifted technical master, and was able to win 64 of his 69 professional fights. Together with his older brother Vitali, he is the director of the Klitschko Management Group (KMG), which is involved with brand management, the marketing of personalities and PR. Together with Telekom, KMG is working to drive digitalisation forward. Alongside his work as a director and keynote speaker, Klitschko is also active in many charity projects, advocating, for example, for disadvantaged children.


Dr. Dirk Wössner

Vorstandsmitglied Deutsche Telekom AG, Sprecher der Geschäftsführung Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Dr Wössner is the director of sales, marketing and service for landline and mobile products at Deutsche Telekom. He is also the management spokesperson for Telekom Deutschland GmbH. Prior to joining Telekom, Wössner was responsible for successfully introducing digital lighthouse projects for Canadian telecommunications service provider Rogers Communications, where he managed, among other things, the nationwide launch of high-speed broadband and implementation of the 4K television.


Chris Boos

arago GmbH, CEO/ Gründer

Hans-Christian “Chris” Boos is a man on a mission: he wants to support, improve and further human potential through artificial intelligence. The computer scientist is one of the most important pioneers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Already in 1995, Boos founded the firm Arago, which specialises in the development of AI. “Hiro”, an AI by Arago, intends to help companies by unburdening their workforce, thus giving employees more creative freedom. As a digital pioneer and optimistic technological visionary, Boos is a much sought-after, engaging keynote speaker on many digital topics.



Claudia Nemat

Deutsche Telekom AG, Vorstandsmitglied, Technologie und Innovation

Claudia Nemat studied physics, philosophy and mathematics at the University of Cologne, where she initially also lectured. As a specialist in information and telecommunications technology, Nemat spent a long time working for business consultancy firm McKinsey, before being appointed to the executive board of Telekom, a company for which she had previously been a consultant for many years. She has been the director of technology and innovation since early 2017, and her areas of specialisation lie in strategic and operational turnaround and transformation programs.


Neil Harbisson

Cyborg Foundation, Co-Founder

New York-based avant-garde artist and cyborg activist Neil Harbisson was born in Northern Ireland and grew up in Catalonia. He is the first person to have had an antenna implanted in his skull, with which he can receive various electrical and magnetic impulses via a sensor and a chip implant, helping him, for example, to overcome the colour blindness he was born with, by hearing the colours as sounds. Harbisson, whom the British Government has officially recognised as a cyborg, is an advocate for the development of cybernetic modifications and is well known as a spokesperson, artist and active representative of digital culture.


Verena Gonsch

Autorin, Redakteurin

Journalist Verena Gonsch is the author of the book Digitale Intelligenz - Warum die Generation Smartphone kein Problem, sondern unsere Rettung ist ("Digital intelligence – Why the Smartphone generation is not a problem, but rather our saviour"). She works as an editor at NDR Info, where she focuses on socio-political trends. Verena Gonsch has a 16-year-old digital native at home, and he has long been doing more than just set ringtones on her Smartphone; he’s been introducing her to the world of gaming. As a European correspondent in Brussels, she noticed over the years how easygoing other countries are with the digital world, and how complicated we Germans make it. She is a trained systemic coach, and is more than willing to admit to being an intense gaming expert at parent evenings and mothers gatherings. As a media pro, she regularly hosts radio programmes and public events.


Prof. Dr. h.c. Mario Ohoven

Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft (BVMW), Präsident

Mario Ohoven has been the president of the German Association for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW) in Berlin since 1998, and the president of European Entrepreneurs (CEA-PME) in Brussels since 2002. In 2003, he was appointed chair of the board of trustees of the SME research centre at the University of Marburg, and in 2018 received an honorary doctorate and honorary professorship from the St Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON).

A trained banker in financial assets, Ohoven has played a key role in the development of tax-optimised investments. His corporate group has been a market leader in this field for over 25 years. Mario Ohoven is known for his economic and capital-market forecasts. In 2000, for example, he warned about the bursting of the tech bubble, and alerted people to the fact that some US corporate groups were doctoring their balance sheets.

Among Mario Ohoven’s achievements are numerous awards, such as the “Europa Prize” presented by the European Monetary Institute, and the “Oscar des deutschen Mittelstandes” (“German SME Oscar”).

His advice and visions are sought after right around the world, be it at prestigious events, symposia or on TV talk shows.  His book THE MAGIC OF POWER-SELLING ranked on bestseller lists for three years, is into its 13th edition, and has been translated into twelve languages.


Dietmar Dahmen

Innovation Expert

As one of the most highly decorated international creative minds with over 20 years’ experience in advertising and marketing, Dietmar Dahmen is a much sought-after speaker on change, innovation and disruptive strategies. After positions as creative director at DDB, executive creative director at Ogilvy and chief creative officer and managing director at BBDO, today, Dahmen is a consultant with global engagement, also holding the position of CIO for exc.io at IBM. His stirring speeches enjoy legendary status – and his keynote at Digital2018 on the digital transformation is keenly awaited.


Christoph Bornschein

Torben, Lucie und die gelbe Gefahr, Geschäftsführer

Everything started with his successful marketing agency. Over 10 years ago Bornschein founded Thorben, Lucie und die Gelbe Gefahr – TLGG for short. 
The rapidly growing firm advises companies in the field of social media and digital transformation – and did so with such success that it was sold to the Omnicom Group, one of the largest marketing networks in the world. The three founders have stayed on, however, as the managing directors of TLGG. A decade later, Bornschein is one of the most sought-after consultants on digital transformation. He advises DAX 30 companies, ministries, associations and trade unions on all relevant topics relating to digitalisation.  


Anja Hendel

Porsche, CDO Digital Lab

Two years ago, Porsche AG decided to open a digital future lab in Berlin. Anja Hendel is the director of this team, which focuses on progress and growth. The information systems expert and her group identify innovative information technologies such as blockchain, AI and the Internet of Things, looking for interfaces with the needs of a sports car manufacturer.

This interlinking of 70 years of sports car tradition with smart technologies is given the internal moniker “Next Level German Engineering” and is one of Hendel’s major interests. The tension between technology and tradition affects all sectors of the economy, making Hendel a sought-after guest at professional symposia and conferences.


Andreas Voß

Air Liquide, Head of Communications

From trainee in an advertising agency all the way to the management board: for Andreas VOSS, this was in no way the final milestone of his meteoric career. Since then, the trained communications scientist has become head of communication at one of the largest producers of technological gases and related services. The enormous effort of bringing a traditional company into the digital world is well known to Voss, both from the service perspective, from his time in the agency, and from the point of view of manufacturers. Voss will speak at Digital2018 on metamorphoses: partly about his own, partly about those of his employer. 


Rolf Schumann

Platform & Innovation SAP, General Manager

Rolf Schumann, SVP and General Manager of Platform and Innovation for SAP, runs global go-to-market activities for the SAP Cloud Platform business unit. He brings more than twenty-five years of experience the strategic planning of IT landscapes, SAP-integration, technology architecture projects, business development, sales, business model innovation, and digital transformation to his current role at SAP, driving all technology and innovation related topics. Previously, Rolf headed the SAP’s Platform and Innovation business in EMEA as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), as well as being a member of the SAP CEO council. He has represented SAP in various industry events as a speaker and in technology and business journals around the globe. Rolf has published two books – one is GetAbstract International Book Award’s best business book of 2015.


Brad Smith

Microsoft, President & Chief Legal Officer

Brad Smith joined Microsoft in 1993. He leads a team of more than 1,400 business, legal and corporate affairs professionals working in 55 countries. These teams are responsible for the company’s legal work, its intellectual property portfolio, patent licensing business, corporate philanthropy, government affairs, public policy, corporate governance, and social responsibility work. Smith has overseen numerous negotiations leading to competition law and intellectual property agreements with governments around the world and with companies across the IT sector.  Smith is also Microsoft’s chief compliance officer. In 2013 he was named by the National Law Journal as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the United States. In addition to his work at Microsoft, Brad Smith is active in several civic and legal organizations and in the broader technology industry. 


Manouchehr Shamsrizi

RetroBrain R&D UG, Co-Founder & CEO

He is celebrated as an “innovative visionary” (TED) and is, according to the Washington Post, “among the most publicly prominent voices of Germany's younger generation”: Manouchehr Shamsrizi is the driving force and CEO of RetroBrain R&D UG, dedicated to the development of computer games as a prevention against dementia. He is the co-founder of the blockchain NGO Kryptos and of gamelab.berlin (one of the HU Berlin’s clusters of excellence) and has been honoured as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and as a Leader of Tomorrow by the University of St. Gallen. As a member of various think-tanks, he engages with the question of digitalisation and regularly gives talks – as he has recently at the Federal President’s “Bellevue Forum” and at re:publica.


Dirk Backofen

T-Systems International, Leiter Telekom Security

Sören Stamer

CoreMedia, CEO

As CEO of CoreMedia, Sören Stamer has over 20 years of experience in the digital sector. Market trends, social media and the transformation to a digital society are this entrepreneur’s daily business, as his company offers digital solutions such as Content Management Systems. Stamer is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and social media visionary. He is active in fields such as web content strategy, digital rights management and Enterprise 2.0.


Dr. Catarina Katzer


Dr. Katzer is one of the leading experts in the field of cyberpsychology. She heads the Cologne Institute for Cyberpsychology and Media Ethics and researches in the field of digital competence, especially on the subject of negative digital social behaviours. Virtual aggression, cybermobbing and bullying are as much a part of her field of work as is her expert consultancy for the Council of Europe and German Parliament. At Digital2018, Katzer will speak on the digital attention economy. 


Stephan Noller

ubrich, CEO & Gründer

The Internet entrepreneur, a psychologist by training, established data-based measurement processes to measure Internet coverage for the opinion research company TNS Emnid, after which he worked on targeting systems for online marketing measures. His approach in developing these involved strict data austerity, bringing him the EU-funded EuroPriSe seal. Noller is actively involved in the post-privacy debate and engages with the question of how long classical data protection can hold on in the age of digitalisation.   With his company, ubirch, Noller offers blockchain-based solutions for IoT customers. 


Prof. Dr. Thomas Druyen


The professor at the private Sigmund Freud University in Vienna is one of the most renowned researchers in the field of Ethical Wealth in Europe. The founder of research on the Culture of Wealth, he has published numerous books and papers on the subject. As founding director of the Institute for Future Psychology and Future Management, Druyen’s emphasis in his current research is on the psychological and neurological side effects of digitalisation. In the centre of his work is the question of how prevention, anticipation and future organisation can better be trained and learnt.  


Stephan Beyer

BigRep, CEO

3D printers are one of the most ground-breaking technological innovations of recent decades, according to many experts. These devices, they claim, have great potential to achieve positive effects, especially in the medical field. BigRep GmbH is the largest manufacturer of such devices and has been honoured with numerous prizes. Stephan Beyer is the strategic driving force of the firm. The company CEO trained as an engineer and has extensive experience in leadership positions in the financial and technology sectors.


Prof. Dirk Helbig

Mitglied des Informatikdepartments ETH Zürich

At ETH Zurich, Professor Helbing teaches computational social science. His research focus is the development and integration of innovative, robust and adaptive information and communications technologies (ICTs), with which the world’s complex social and technological interactions can be sustainably and reliably understood and controlled. The digital simulation of such processes generates data from which models of technological/social/economic systems can be created.
From this starting point in research, Helbing also engages with the spread and management of crises. 


Wolfgang Stelzle


Stelzle is the founder and CEO of RE’FLEKT, based in Munich. His company is a leader in the development of augmented and mixed-reality applications for large, international clients. Stelzle aspires to drive forward technological design that is user-friendly and intuitive to operate. To this end, he and his team are constantly researching new, innovative concepts and solutions.


Dr. Ramin Assadollahi

ExB Labs GmbH, CEO, Gründer

Ramin Assadollahi is a clinical psychologist and computer linguist who first gained renown for his research into mechanical and computerized language processing. His inventions and patents for next-word prediction and automatic correction are today part of all current mobile devices. At ExB, Assadollahi focuses on AI-based textual and visual big-data analyses, in fields such as the automotive industry and insurance. Handelsblatt newspaper recently featured Ramin Assadollahi as one of Germany’s key AI experts.


Ibrahim Evsan

Leaderhsip, CEO, Gründer, Digitalisierungs Experte

Connected leadership is a workshop-based technology to help managers and executives to prepare their companies and teams for the digital transformation. Ibrahim Evsan is one of the most prominent players in Germany’s digital community. The founder of the former media portal Sevenload and other social gaming platforms and digital start-ups is now an author, consultant and keynote speaker living in Munich, advising companies on issues related to the digital transformation. He is also, together with Kai Diekmann and Maria Böhmer, an honorary member of the board of the German Integration Foundation (Deutschlandstiftung Integration). 


Peter Hacker

Experte Cybercrime, Cybersecurity & Kryptotechnologien

Peter Hacker is one of the leading experts on the subject of cybercrime, cybersecurity and crypto technology. As a financial services executive, Hacker has taken on the role of a specialist over two decades in the sector, warning in talks and books about the risks and dangers of digitalisation, especially of the Internet of Things.

In his lectures, Hacker points out how digitalisation has altered whole branches of the economy and how these are becoming more and more vulnerable to cybercrime.

Showing how to deal with this and offering approaches and solutions are also part of Hacker’s comprehensive analyses.


Michael Pachmajer

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Director Digital Transformation Middle

Pachmajer is a director at the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers International. With his focus on digitalisation, Pachmajer is one of the most in-demand consulting specialists at PwC. In his acclaimed book, d.quarks, Pachmajer takes a close look at the digital revolution in companies. Basing his model on quarks, the sub-atomic particles, he shows that an analogous approach can be taken when digitalising a company, by breaking the process down into its smallest parts – d.quarks. In this way, the digital transformation process can be viewed in a more analytical and detailed manner.


Luise Kranich

Forschungszentrum Informatik Berlin , Leiterin Berliner Außenstelle

Luise Kranich heads the Berlin external office of the computer science research centre of the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. She is responsible for the development of the partner network and leads, among others, projects such as “Smart Data – Innovations from Data”, a collaboration with the BMWi innovation programme, and the research focus “Digital Sovereignty”. She represents the thematic area of “Digital Spaces” for the digital European research campus Mobility2Grid, where she sits on the executive board.


Kaspar Korjus

eResidencyEstonia, Gründer

The managing director of e-Residency is breaking wholly new ground with his company. A digital nation, inclusive, transparent and secure, which people from all across the world can take part in building. e-Residency, supported by the Estonian Government, allows the verification of identity and credibility independent of actual citizenship or origins. Korjus has already been honoured many times for his social engagement, including by the Dutch royal family.



Jens Monsees

BMW Group, CDO

Innovation and finding the right strategy to firmly establish it in companies long-term are Jens Monsees’ core competencies. From BMW to Google and back again, he has always had a clear focus on issues of the digitalised world to come. As Corporate Vice President Digital Strategy at the traditional Bavarian manufacturer, Monsees is responsible for steering the car company into the digital future. Topics such as the mobility of tomorrow and the interconnection of technology, humans and vehicles, play key roles here.


Ghazalee Koohestanian

re2you, CEO/ Gründerin

Koohestanian is the founder of re2you, a start-up dealing with the radical simplification of Internet usage. Re2you offers its customers a cloud-based browser, allowing them decentralised access to files without having to be dependent on the big market-leaders, Google and Apple. Re-centring sovereignty rights on the Internet is one of Koohestanian and her company’s main concerns, aiming to move them away from a brand loyalty focus towards a user-oriented perspective.


Benjamin Ruschin

WeAreDevelopers, Managing Director

As director and co-founder of WeAreDevelopers, Benjamin Ruschin has created a firm driven by the desire to network developers and employers, and which has not only created one of the most successful recruiting platforms, but also Europe's largest developer conference, the WeAreDevelopers World Congress. Ruschin is also the director and co-founder of the digital agency VIENNA DIGITAL and founder/head of the Karriere-Community Manageer. Back in 2010, Ruschin formed Marketing Natives, built it into the largest marketing community for young professionals and expanded on this success into Switzerland and Germany. The community still exists in all three countries.


Karl Matthäus Schmidt

Quirin Bank, Vorstandsvorsitzender

As the scion of a banking family stretching back over six generations, it was hardly a surprise when Schmidt founded his own bank at 25. The question of how to make Germany a better place for investors was what finally drove him to start the Quirin bank, whose chairman he remains to this day. 


Oliver Bierhoff

Deutsche Fußball Nationalmannschaft, DFB, Manager

Benedikt Böhm

Dynafit, Geschäftsführer

The magazine Focus calls him Germany’s sportiest manager, and with good reason: the extreme mountaineer is also the managing director of Dynafit, one of the leading manufacturers of ski touring equipment. His showcase disciplines include speed mountaineering and ski mountaineering, which both derive their excitement for the participant from their very fast pace. To minimise the risks of such tours, Böhm is a precise planner and strategist. He says that his touring experiences have stimulated his management career more than any course of study or book.


Suk-Jea Hahn

Samsung IT & Mobile Communications Business, Executive Vice President

Mr. Suk-Jea Hahn, the Executive Vice President and head of Global Mobile B2B Team, joined Mobile Communication Business as of August 1, 2015 to lead the company’s efforts to expand its revenue and market share in the ever-growing global mobile enterprise business.

During his 28 years with IBM, SJ Hahn has held various global leadership positions in sales in the United States and abroad. In recent years as a Vice President at IBM, Mr. Hahn was responsible for driving IBM’s high growth in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, encompassing 154 of the 170 countries in which IBM does business.

Mr. Hahn holds an MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Masters' degrees in Electrical and Chemical and Biological Engineering from Iowa State University, and Bachelors' degrees in Chemistry and Biology from Cornell College.


Sven Zuschlag

smapOne AG, Gründer & Vorstand

Sven Zuschlag is the founder and director of smapOne AG, specialising in strategy, sales & marketing. Until 2014, he ran the solution partner channel at Microsoft. As a sales manager, he was responsible for 200 directly entrusted solution partners with around 500 branch offices. Holding a degree in business administration, and with over 20 years’ professional experience in various roles and companies, he is very familiar with the trends and business requirements for modern IT, and is one of Germany’s digital thought leaders.


Dr. Shermin Voshmgir

BlockchainHub, Founder

The business information specialist, director of the Institute for Crypto Economics in Vienna, founded the BlockchainHub in Berlin, through which she advises both companies and national and international corporations. Her focus is especially on subjects such as sustainability and the social effects of future technologies, alongside the decentralisation, streamlining and simplification of processes by means of blockchain. “Privacy in the machine age”, her talk for Digital2018, will combine and contextualise these elements. 


Dr. Jan Kleibrink

Handelsblatt Research Institute, Head of Economic Analysis

Jan Kleibrink is Head of Economic Analysis at the Handelsblatt Research Institute. With his PhD in health and labour market economics, he is responsible for the coordination and creation of scientific studies on various topics of economic/political relevance. These studies are presented by him at specialist conferences, congresses and events like DIGITAL2018. Jan Kleibrink often researches on subjects directly connected with the digital transformation, for example, how digitalisation is leading to changes in various sectors.


Lea Steinacker

WirtschaftsWoche, Chief Innovation Officer

Steinacker is chief innovation officer at WirtschaftsWoche, where she develops strategies together with the main editorial office for the digital presentation and change of the brand. Here, she is responsible for developing live events, experimental content and new business models. Among these is a virtual reality platform, an algorithmic interface to expand the newsletter portfolio, a chatbot and “FutureBoard” – a series of events engaging with AI, robotics, IoT and the future of work. Steinacker studied at Princeton, the American University in Cairo and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


Thomas Hollwedel

aconno GmbH, Co-Founder

Thomas Hollwedel is a founder, investor, consultant, trainer and senior manager in industry. He focuses on product and solution development in the interface between advanced technology and marketing. The co-founder of aconno GmbH is eager to mediate between technology and marketing and find pragmatic solutions for both sides. 
Pragmatism is an important topic for Hollwedel, as sitting on the fence and waiting is not always the right decision for a firm. At Digital2018, Hollwedel will address exactly this topic: "Try! Experiment! Do! Product development in times of increasing market uncertainty". 


Dr. Constanze Kurz

Chaos Computer Club, Sprecherin

With a doctorate in computer science, the author and publisher is known to many as an activist and spokeswoman for the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). In her column, “from the engine room” (“Aus dem Maschinenraum” in the FAZ) and as a blogger for netzpolitik.org, she regularly analyses data-sensitive social topics. Kurz carried out research from 2005-2011 at the Humboldt University of Berlin on “computer science in education and society” and was an official expert for the German Parliament's special committee for “the Internet and digital society”. She has received, among others, the Werner Holtfort Prize and the Theodor Heuss Medal for exemplary democratic conduct. Currently, she is also project leader at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences.


Martin Wezowski

SAP, Chief Designer & Futurist

Breaking with old conventions, always finding new, innovative paths – Martin Wezovski’s punk band was once his greatest teacher. The UX and digital visionary is chief designer and futurist at SAP’s innovation office in Potsdam. 
This enthusiastic visionary of digitalisation is convinced that technology has been the decisive factor for the success of the human species – and wants to continue on this very path at the technological services company, SAP. 
The tension between human and humanity in a future marked by technological progress is the topic of Wezowski’s talk at Digital2018.


Dr. Sven Jung

Handelsblatt Research Institute , Head of Economic Intelligence

Sven Jung is head of economic intelligence at the trade journal Research Institute. The labour market economist is responsible for the coordination and creation of scientific studies on the most varied topics relating to politics and the economy. These studies are presented by Jung at symposia, congresses and events like Digital2018. Sven Jung often researches on topics directly connected to the digital transformation, for example, on whether digitalisation offers economic advantages to medium-sized companies or is more of a cost driver.


Leila Summa

Play To Change GmbH, Entrepreneur & Digital Advisor

As one of the first online editors of the Tages-Anzeiger, a Swiss daily, Leila Summa was responsible from 1997 for driving forward several pioneering projects. In 2000 she instituted Switzerland’s first free ASCII SMS and Pix to Web service. Then, in 2003, she established an Intranet 2.0 at UPC Cablecom. Her multi-award-winning crowd-sourcing and evaluation portal, www.migipedia.ch, followed in 2009. From 2011 to 2015 she worked for Facebook Germany and has had various roles for various firms since December 2016 (co-founder, advisor, mentor, advisory and administrative board member). As a senior advisor and part of the Klitschko Ventures Team, she aids executives from marketing, sales and human resources in getting digitalisation started.


Thomas Bachem

CODE University, CEO

The entrepreneur, business angel and software developer made himself independent in his early youth with an Internet agency, from which arose the hosting enterprise Scaling Technologies. While studying at the Cologne Business School, in 2005 he founded the video portal sevenload and in 2010 the gaming start-up Fliplife. In 2012 he created the Federal Association of German Start-Ups, together with other companies, within which he is active on an honorary basis to this day. In 2014 he sold Lebenslauf.com to XING; in 2016 he founded the CODE University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, a private university for software developers, digital designers and product managers, which he heads as Germany’s youngest university chancellor.


Beat Balzli

WirtschaftsWoche, Chefredakteur

The Swiss economics journalist studied macroeconomics and business management. His career took him via the Swiss Sunday paper SonntagsZeitung, Facts and der Spiegel all the way to the "Welt" group. Since early 2017 he has been the editor in chief of Wirtschaftswoche (“business week”). The multi-award-winning Balzli will speak at Digital2018.  



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